Corrosion of aboveground storage tanks, equipment while out of use during long periods of time, exposed steel surfaces, voids, enclosures and more.


Zerust Zerion FVS is a versatile new corrosion inhibitor specifically designed to protect ferrous metals in aggressive corrosion environments where there is the possibility of the accumulation of water, moisture and/or water ingress. Zerion FVS provides unique dual action corrosion protection. This new dimension of effectiveness makes Zerion FVS the best in class in the market today.


1. Vapor Corrosion Inhibitors (VCIs) to protect the interiors of “air space” voids and exposed metal surfaces on welded joints, in crevices, at coating holidays, etc.

2. Soluble Corrosion Inhibitors (SCIs) that mitigate corrosion from moisture accumulation or the ingress of water.

This combination penetrates gaps and interstices inside of enclosed voids to provide comprehensive coverage. This solution does not contain phosphates or harmful fillers and is readily compatible with most industrial water treatment processes.


The ready-to-use mesh sleeves are primarily meant for dry VCI application where there is also a risk of water ingress. The vapor space protection volume is provided in the table below. For aggressive environments with 1 ppm or higher level of acidic gases, Zerion FVS should be used in combination with Zerion AutoFog™ B. In the event of water ingress/accumulation, Zerion FVS will dissolve out of the packaging and neutralize the threat up to the volume of water indicated in the usage table.
For use of Zerion FVS as a water diluted solution for hydro static testing or for tank SSB protection, it is recommended you contact Zerust Oil & Gas for technical support and sizing recommendations.


Zerust Zerion FVS ready-to-use mesh sleeves typically provide 1-2 years of corrosion protection depending on how well the enclosure is sealed.Zerion FVS mesh sleeves used in tank chime ring seals typically provide 1-2 years of corrosion protection depending on the integrity of the chime seal. Longer protection is possible with replenishment of the inhibitor.When Zerion FVS is introduced into a tank SSB environment, either mixed in as a powder in the sand/soil or injected as concentrated slurry, the typical duration of protection is 5-10 years before inhibitor replenishment is required. The replenishment can be tied into periodic monitoring and maintenance of the effectiveness of the solution.


The solution effectiveness can be easily monitored using electrical resistance (ER) probes and/or metal coupons. Soil sampling can be done to monitor concentration of inhibitors if necessary.


  • Appearance: White crystalline powder
  • pH: > 8-10 for 1% solution
  • Odor: Slightly amine like
  • Shelf life is 36 months
  • Store in a sealed container in a dry, ventilated warehouse at temperatures below
  • 70oC (170oF) without exposure to direct sunlight


*Volume of protection is limited to 1 m radius from the mesh sleeve.
**Best performance is obtained with DI, RO or potable water with a chloride level less than 150 ppm.


  • Easy-to-use and versatile system.
  • Corrosion protection for voids and interstices that are impossible to protect with other methods.
  • VCIs offer non-permanent corrosion protection at the molecular level that is safe and eco-friendly.
  • May be combined with simple monitoring procedures to ensure effectiveness of the solution.
  • Protection for tank bottom plates and welds with little to no surface preparation.
  • For tank SSB application, it may be used independently or in conjunction with cathodic protection.
  • Vapor action ensures uniform distribution within the tank bottom.



Zerion FVS is a highly cost-effective corrosion mitigation solution for difficult to protect spaces.

Some key applications include:

Aboveground Storage Tank (AST) Soil Side Bottoms (SSB):


Zerion FVS has been used in multiple tank soil side bottom installations and provides superior protection to exposed steel in vapor spaces and crevices under the tank bottoms – and also in situations when there is ingress of water into the tank foundation space. Zerion FVS can be diluted with water and injected into sand/soil base or introduced as a powder during tank construction or bottom plate refurbishment. Even for tanks with concrete pad foundations, Zerion FVS in slurry form can be introduced into the spaces between the plates and the concrete to provide corrosion protection. Zerust has also pioneered a VCI Ring system using Zerion FVS if there is no liquid injection. This VCI Ring system is recommended for all SSB installations.

Hydrostatic Testing:


Add Zerion FVS to hydrostatic testing water to provide excellent protection to exposed steel surfaces. In addition to the SCI protection, the VCI evolves to protect any air pockets or hidden voids. Zerion FVS is versatile and compatible with a variety of water profiles and works best with DI, RO or potable water with less than 150 ppm of chlorine.

Long-Term Preservation/Mothballing:


Place Zerion FVS inside packaging to protect high-value equipment from corrosion during shipping and storage. It provides excellent shortterm and long-term protection with its VCI component. In the event the packaging allows for some water ingress, the SCI component of FVS neutralizes the corrosion threat. Zerion FVS is ideal for use in packages being shipped via ocean freighters that may sit in coastal and marine warehouses for extended periods of time.

Protection of Voids/Enclosures:


The Zerion FVS VCI chemistry actively protects exposed steel from corrosion in large volume voids and enclosures. There are multiple delivery mechanisms and product packages that can be adapted to the geometry of the structure being protected. When it is possible for the void to be hermetically sealed, a one-time introduction of Zerion FVS can provide protection for up to 2 years.