Offshore Rigs / Platforms / FPSOS

Zerust® VCI films, vapor capsules, sprays, greases, additives for engines, hydraulics and mud systems to safeguard critical equipment from corrosion allowing for easy re-activation of the asset.

Zerust Oil & Gas has numerous solutions for the offshore market.

  • Rig Stacking / Mothballing
  • Flange Protection
  • Protection of Electrical Controls
  • Protection of Voids / Enclosures

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Equipment Preservation

Various Zerust® Products are used in combination for Mothballing and Long-Term Protection and Maintenance of spares and redundant machinery to ensure they are in a prime state and ready for operation whenever they are needed.

  • Long-Term Preservation
  • Mothballing
  • OEM Packaging Specifications

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Spare Parts Protection

With a wide range of rust removers, protective oils/greases, non-contact vapor diffusing capsules, auto-fogging capsules, corrosion inhibiting packaging products and on-site technical support the Zerust suite is your one-stop destination for all your equipment preservation and mothballing needs.

  • Critical Spares
  • Tool Cribs
  • Turbines, Valves, Heat Exchangers, Rust Removal

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