Zerust Recast R

Storage Tank Roof Leg Protection

The Problem

• Destroyed internal surfaces and support structures of storage tank roofs above the product layer from oils that contain sulphur emitting corrosive vapors.

• Unsafe operating conditions and environmental problems caused by aggressive pitting and crevice corrosion that create holes in the tank tops.

• Internal tank coatings are ineffective in preventing dangerous pitting and crevice corrosion, especially in the spaces between the roof and support structures.

• Stoppage of tank operations and necessitating periodic roof replacements impact petrochemical facilities causing capital losses and increased intangible costs.

The Solution

  • Zerust ReCAST-R is the solution for this problem. The Zerust ReCAST-R system can be installed & deployed in aggressive operational internally corrosion environments.
  • Dispensers attached to the tank roof deliver VCIs automatically into the tank vapor space forming a protective barrier layer.
  • The barrier layer isolates the corrosive environment from the metallic surfaces that contact the vapor space.
  • Proven to be effective in the unique and unpredictable internal environment resulting from vast variations in the:
    • Properties of the stored product
    • Ambient temperature ranges
    • Temperature of the stored product
    • Method of construction & design of the tank
    • Tank operational parameters
  • Compatible with many additional systems that might be in place including: scrubbers, nitrogen blankets and vent systems.


Product Use

  • All metallic surfaces contacting vapor space within the tank roof can be protected.
  • Side wall sections of the tank above the level of the stored product and support structures.
  • Both new and old tanks. Even if corrosion has started, the solution, once deployed, inhibits further corrosion.
  • In operational tanks. The inhibitor does not contaminate the stored crude oil products.


Solution Effectiveness


Operating Environment Inside the ASTs


ReCAST-R Benefits

  • Extend Tank Service Life.
  • Protect Exposed Vapor Space Surfaces from Corrosion.
  • Reduce Maintenance Costs.
  • Reduce Stored Product Losses & Contamination. Eliminate the Need to Replace Carbon.
  • Steel with Expensive Alternatives.
  • Dispense Corrosion Protection Automatically. Reduce Environmental Contamination.
  • Prevent Acid Gas Corrosion in Vapor.
  • Spaces of Aboveground Storage Tanks.


Duration of Protection

  • The Zerust® solution dramatically reduces the rate of corrosion by 4 to 5 times.
  • The expected life of the roof is increased from about 5-7 years to more than 25 years.


Product Properties

  • Steel Cylinder Dispenser VCI liquid


Safety and Handling

  • Avoid contact with eyes and skin through use of safety glasses and gloves.
  • Use a full face respirator with organic cartridges, protective clothing and gloves
  • See MSDS for more information.


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