How the Zerust Process Works from Start to Finish*

Custom Corrosion Mitigation Plans and Implementation for Protecting Our Client’s Asset(s)


Zerust® Oil & Gas provides corrosion mitigation solutions and services to clients in the Oil & Gas and process chemical industries. Our team works with our clients to come up with customized corrosion mitigation plans for protecting their asset(s) or equipment(s) for aboveground storage tanks, pipeline preservation, casing protection, equipment preservation, offshore rigs and more. To view a complete list of our solution capabilities, please click here.

The overall process from start to finish will vary from project to project, but we have created a generic and simplified outline below of what to be expected when joining forces with Zerust Oil & Gas for creating and implementing a custom corrosion mitigation plan.


Identification of Asset in Need of Corrosion Mitigation

Our Zerust Oil & Gas team is informed of an asset(s) or equipment(s) that is in need of corrosion mitigation. The asset(s) or equipment type(s) can be either in-service, out-of-service or not yet constructed and could be a storage tank, pipeline, casing, offshore rig, etc. The type and status of the asset(s) or equipment type(s) will be considered for designing the most effective method for the corrosion mitigation solution.


Discussion of Key Factors for Customization of Corrosion Solution

Our experienced team of engineers, chemists, field contractors, and project managers will work with the client’s team to discuss the asset(s) or equipment type(s) requiring corrosion protection. Specifications, environmental factors, corrosion risk factors, recent corrosion scan data, as-built schematics, API regulations, budget, etc. will be discussed as required.  This information will allow Zerust’s team to put together a Corrosion Mitigation plan custom tailored for that client and their asset(s) or equipment type(s) using Zerust’s corrosion solutions and products. Upon submittal of an initial proposal, the discussed corrosion mitigation solution can then be tailored to further meet the client’s requirements, asset needs, etc.


Plan Approved, PO Submitted, and Project Dates Confirmed

Once the client approves the plan of action, and a Purchase Order (PO) is submitted, Zerust’s project manager will work closely with the client and/or contractor to arrange suitable dates to conduct the implementation and installation of the corrosion solution plan.


Finalizing Project Details with Client and Approved Contractor

The Zerust team will work in collaboration with the client and approved contractor(s) (as applicable) to finalize installation timeframes, confirm required equipment and materials, determine safety requirements, etc. A Zerust Project Manager can be onsite as needed for project installations.


Verify Project Materials for Installation

Zerust’s team will coordinate with the client, vendors, etc. to make sure all the required materials to complete the installation are ordered, shipped, and delivered to the site.


Project Installation Time for Zerust Corrosion Mitigation Solution

On the scheduled dates, the agreed upon contractors will arrive, meet any safety requirements necessary for site entry, meet with client’s team, inventory shipped project materials, review project proposal, and perform the installation. They will still be available to help answer any questions or concerns along the way.


Installation Follow-Up Report

Following the installation of the corrosion solution plan (should a Zerust representative have been on site during the implementation), the Zerust team will put together a report of the completed installation to share with the client. This report will include project specifics, pictures and schematics if available, along with conclusions, recommendations, follow up procedures, and contact information for contractors, clients, and Zerust’s team.


Project Completion and Communication Continuation

Zerust will continue to stay in contact with the client to confirm satisfaction, gather corrosion data readings (as applicable), and discuss  future replenishment and corrosion solution plans as needed.


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*This is a generic and simplified overview of how the process will work with clients for the corrosion protection of their asset(s) and equipment(s). Every project and circumstance will vary and some of the steps outlined above will change or not be applicable. This overview should in no way be used as a binding contract, promise, or otherwise for how the process will take place.