Our Leadership Team


Gautam Ramdas

Vice President of Global Market Development


Gautam has 10+ years of managing the development and delivery of corrosion management solutions to multiple Oil & Gas clients globally. While Gautam is responsible for the growth of the Zerust brand of corrosion mitigating solutions worldwide, he brings his background as an engineer to practical problem solving with clients. He has been on offshore platforms, climbed tank roofs, walked through tank floors under maintenance and cleaned pipelines – all to assist clients with identifying the problems and to select the most effective and economical long term solutions. Gautam has corrosion mitigation patents to his name and multiple R&D and implementation teams to support complex client problems.

Prior to working with NTIC/Zerust, Gautam was a successful consultant working with Fortune 500 companies to streamline supply chains and introduce new technologies for process improvement. With an MBA from the University of Michigan, Gautam specializes in ensuring clients get the best return on investment from solutions they deploy. Gautam works with clients to understand their corrosion problems and can offer inhibitor based solution options that will address their specific corrosion concerns. He is also responsible for Zerust partnerships with contractors and distributors globally.

Whether you are in the Oil & Gas Upstream collection, Midstream, or Downstream markets, he can assist in extending the life of your critical assets.


Kelly Baker

Senior Business Development Manager USA/Canada


Kelly has 15 years of experience in providing corrosion protection for Storage Tanks in North America. Today he is focused on tank and pipeline applications in North America and involved in several other countries around the world. Standard tank bottom, tank roof and pipe casing applications can be designed and proposed very accurately and quickly, but asset designs that are less common can also be addressed using VCIs, in most cases.

Kelly can understand and assist in designing a VCI system that will address your specific corrosion concerns. Whether you are in the Oil & Gas Upstream collection, Midstream, or Downstream markets, he can assist in extending the life of your steel assets.


Phil Low

Business Development Manager Europe/Middle East


Phil Low is the European/Middle East Business Development Manager for Zerust Oil & Gas. Phil is an integral part of expanding on the success of Zerust Oil & Gas to develop existing and new opportunities throughout Europe and the middle east. Phil works closely with our Joint Ventures (JV) and distributors strategically placed throughout the regions to target asset owners/asset operators/AST farms/OEMs and offer cutting edge solutions under the Zerust portfolio.

Phil is well acquainted with Zerust having been an active member of Rig-Tech Solutions, a JV partner of Zerust’s, during Low’s former endeavor. Phil has developed a wide range of skills within project and site managerial roles across the United Kingdom and Norwegian oil & gas sectors,

Phil is understanding of the many challenges faced by maintenance and construction teams in this environment is invaluable when dealing with Zerust’s customers and clients and the many problematic issues they face.

With responsibility for asset management and fabric maintenance on various onshore and offshore facilities, he has continued to add to his knowledge and help develop new preventative techniques, specifically for the use of Vapor Corrosion Inhibitors (VCIs), for many issues, including but not limited to, rig stacking, mothballing, and chime sealing for refineries, tank Farms and terminals, and offshore platforms.

With this proven track record in corrosion management and coating application, Phil has brought a new understanding of the challenges faced by these different types of sites and an ability to deliver cradle to grave project management for Zerust’s clients. Ever the innovator, Phil developed and headed a global tank and terminal maintenance team to help identify, assess and prevent a range of corrosion issues on aboveground storage tanks (AST’s), pipelines, jetties and the associated valves and fittings. Phil continues to show a keen desire to bring new solutions to old problems and is often involved in new think tanks and innovation groups.


Terry Natale

Product Development Engineer


Terry holds a BS degree in engineering from Case Western Reserve University and a MBA from Ball State University. He is a member of NACE and holds a NACE certificate as a CP tester.

Terry has over 35 years of experience in plastics, paint, coatings and corrosion. He has coauthored papers for NACE and Eurocorr and holds a US patent.



Alex Roytman

Senior Manager – Field Application Services




Derek Dickinson


Derek will assist you in designing a solution that will address your corrosion concerns in the United States and Canada. He has 11 years of experience in the pipeline safety and corrosion detection industries covering  Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Mississippi and Texas

Standard tank bottom, tank roof and pipe applications can be accurately designed and quickly proposed. In most cases, we can protect less common assets using VCIs.  Areas Derek can address include: asset management, maintenance for on and offshore facilities, rig stacking, mothballing, chime sealing for refineries, tank farms, terminals and casings. 

Whether you are in the Upstream, Midstream, or Downstream Oil & Gas markets, Derek can assist you in extending the life of your critical assets.

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