Preservation Options for New Pipelines, between Hydrotesting and Commissioning


In this video segment by Kelly Baker, you will learn about the Zerust Oil & Gas approach to pipeline preservation in the following two scenarios.

  1. When a new pipeline has been hydrotested and is lying dormant prior to the line being commissioned
  2. When an existing pipeline is going to be shut down and mothballed.


Kelly Baker will answer these following commonly asked questions about preservation of pipelines:

  • How long would a Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor (VCI) injection protect a pipeline?
  • Is a VCI approach possible if the owner plans to use a biocide?
  • Are there any Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) concerns using Zerust corrosion inhibitors?
  • How much will using a VCI approach for pipeline preservation cost?
  • How is the amount of corrosion inhibitor calculated for a pipeline preservation project?
  • Once the pipeline goes into service, what happens with the residual inhibited water?


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