Pipeline construction projects can take years between mobilization and commissioning. Over time, if not protected, staged pipe lengths or critical zones of assembled pipelines may corrode and will need to be reworked due to the pockets of water that will collect in the pipeline.

For pipeline segments that are staged along the pipeline path, moisture and contaminants combine to cause corrosion that deteriorates the pipe interior surface and the cut back sections.

Surface corrosion can occur in pipe sections during storage or to assembled pipe segments post hydro testing. Options for constructed pipelines, such as Nitrogen purging are both expensive and of limited effectiveness. A clean, corrosion free pipeline is a critical starting point for long term pipeline integrity.


Zerust Oil & Gas, a world leader in corrosion management with over 50 years of experience, has unique solutions to mitigate corrosion inside pipelines prior to construction or downtime using Zerust’s Vapor Corrosion Inhibitors or VCIs.

Zerust Oil & Gas has several cost-effective options using VCIs for protecting these pipe lengths during pre-construction, pre-commissioning or during mothballing, layup or abandonment.

1.Preservation of Pipe Lengths
2. Pipeline Preservation Post Hydrotesting
3.Non-Commissioned Pipeline Corrosion Protection - Misting Pig
4. Anti-Corrosion for Pipeline Layup by Liquid Injection   

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Do you have a pipeline in the pre-construction or pre-commissioning stage for which you need anti-corrosion solutions?

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