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Corrosion Protection for a Single Bottom Storage Tank on Sand Foundation using Zerust's Zerion® FVS via Internal Flood

Project Specifics

Installation Dates
May 2023

Texas, USA

Environmental Conditions
Avg. Temp. 91°F, ~81% humidity, hot and sunny

Asset Details
Diameter: 143-ft

Vessel Construction: Single-Bottom, 12” Sand Foundation, no slope, liner, concrete ring wall

Inhibitor Delivery System (IDS)
Internal Flood IDS

Zerust Product(s) Used
Zerion® FVS Corrosion Inhibiting Powder


The client sought corrosion protection for a single bottom tank via internal flood IDS installation through floor ports.

Zerust Solution

We expertly combined pails of FVS with water within a 55-gallon drum using a submersible pump. The entire solution was seamlessly injected through six-floor ports without any complications. In the near future, a Buckeye contractor will take care of installing the chime seals.

Furthermore, we installed two ER probes in the designated leak detection ports, leaving the remaining two ER probes in the capable hands of the client. This collaborative effort ensures a comprehensive approach to our project.


The project achieved success. To maintain solution integrity, prompt chime sealant installation is advised to prevent unintended leakage. For ongoing corrosion monitoring, send monthly probe readings to Zerust Oil & Gas, ensuring continued effectiveness in corrosion prevention.

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