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Corrosion Protection for a Single Bottom Storage Tank on Concrete Foundation using Zerust's Zerion® FVS Corrosion Inhibitor Sleeves

Project Specifics

Installation Dates
September 2023

Texas, USA

Environmental Conditions
Avg. Temp. 79°F, ~49% humidity, sunny, no breeze

Asset Details
Diameter: 105-ft

Vessel Construction: Single bottom, concrete slab foundation, no liner, existing ring wall and sealant system.

Inhibitor Delivery System (IDS)

Zerust Product(s) Used
Zerion® FVS Corrosion Inhibitor Sleeves


The client needed routine maintenance on their chime seal, leading to its removal and replacement.

Project Details:

The chime seal from 250° to 270° was entirely replaced. Fresh concrete sealing (epoxy paint) was applied as a base, followed by the installation of brand-new Zerion FVS-S15 corrosion inhibitor sleeves, Viscotaq EZ Wrap, and a double layer of Sherwin Williams Uniflex 44-300. The replacement process proceeded without any complications.

Outcome & Recommendations:

The chime repair, which lacked epoxy sealer, unfolded as planned. The double coating of the entire chime area created a robust seal with lasting durability. To maintain a pristine appearance and prevent green algae buildup, we suggest periodic light washing with water and dish soap. It’s important to avoid applying any overcoat on the silicone seal and keep the ports closed to retain the anti-corrosive properties of Zerust chemicals.

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