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Pipe Layup Project Corrosion Protection of Pipe Segments using Zerust's ActivPak® (LS)-35

Project Specifics

Installation Dates
November 2022

Wisconsin, USA

Environmental Conditions
Average Conditions:
Temperature ~ 45 ̊F. Partly cloudy, and light wind.

Asset Details
Pipe Segments (Ranging from 55 to 80 feet)

Vessel Construction: Buried pipe casings; pressure tested, 2 vent pipes.

Zerust Product(s) Used
Custom ActivPak® (LS)-35 Corrosion Inhibitor Lead Assemblies
Custom Corrosion Monitoring Coupon Assembly


Zerust was contacted by the client to provide a corrosion mitigation solution for pipe segments. These pipe segments range in length from 55-80 feet and are currently stacked for lay-up with end caps at either end.


The custom corrosion solution provided included the installation of custom ActivPak® (LS)-35 corrosion inhibitor lead assemblies into each pipe segment.

Custom corrosion monitoring coupon assemblies were also to be provided for corrosion monitoring and were to be installed in ~10% of the pipe segments.


All 622 pipes had custom ActivPak (LS)-35 corrosion inhibitor lead assemblies installed.

Approximately forty (40) end caps were replaced during the installation process.

62 pipe segments had custom corrosion monitoring coupon assemblies installed. The installed corrosion monitoring coupons are recommended to be left installed for a period of six (6) months, after which they can be removed and sent to Zerust for analysis.

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