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Pipeline Preservation for the Corrosion Protection of Out-of-Service Pipelines

Project Specifics

Installation Dates
May 30, 2019

Environmental Conditions
Partly cloudy, dry, no rain.

Vessel Construction
Pipeline “A”: 12” diameter, 300 foot length, Out-of-Service Pipeline “B”: 6” diameter, 20-30 foot length, Out-of-Service

Port Details
2” flanged ball valves for injection on 12” line, 2” NPT ball valve for injection on 6” line.

Pipeline Product(s)

Zerust Product(s) Used
Zerion® FVS Zerion® FAN-5

Project Installation Overview
Injection of the corrosion inhibitor compounds was initiated and completed.

The corrosion inhibitor solution mixture of FVS and FAN-5 were split equally between two large tanks filled with potable water and slowly mixed into the tanks untill dissolved completely.

About 93.75% of this corrosion inhibiting solution mixture was injected into Pipeline “A” (12” dia.) at three seperate locations, and the remaining ~6.25% was injected into Pipeline “B” (6” dia.). There were a total of 3 injection points along the 12” line, and a single injection along the 6” line.

The 12” line received ~68.75% of the solution mixture at injection point 1 (high side inside the terminal), ~6.25% of the solution mixture at point 2 (high side inside the terminal but short ~20-ft section), and ~18.75% of the solution mixture at point 3 (outside of main terminal fence). The 6” line received ~6.25% of the solution mixture at a single high side injection point outside of the main terminal fence. All injections were completed successfully.