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Zerust® Pipeline Layup Preservation


Pipeline Preservation
December 2017

Project Summary:

  • Zerust in collaboration with partner contractors, was awarded a project, encompassing the application of a corrosion inhibiting solution within one (1) pipeline section.
  • Zerust Zerion® FVS corrosion inhibitor in a water slurry, was injected between two PIGs, within one of the client's pipeline sections. Compressed air was used to force the two PIGs and the slurry along the entire length of the pipeline section leaving a corrosion inhibitor residue on the pipeline's internal surface area.


Goals and Objectives:

  • Consultation services during the mixing of the corrosion inhibitor slurry
  • Consultation services during the injection of the corrosion inhibitor slurry, including during the pigging runs for application of the corrosion inhibitor throughout the pipeline section
  • Consultation services during the collection of remaining corrosion inhibitor slurry at the end of the pipeline section


Product(s) Used:

  • Zerion® FVS-B15, Bulk Powder

Results and Recommendations:

  • The application of corrosion inhibitor slurry was a complete success and within a timely matter. All crews worked well together to make this pigging run a success.
  • It was communicated that the client required no more than 8,300-liters of slurry be removed from the pipeline. The retracted volume of fluid was well within this requirement.
  • Using a vacuum truck prevented any possibility of spills and ensured that the crews would face minimal exposure to the corrosion inhibitor slurry.