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After Final Wrapping of Panel Boards

Zerust Mothballing - Long Term Outdoor Preservation for Spare Parts and WGCs

Outdoor Preservation / Wet Gas Compressor (WGC) and Spare Parts India June 2014

  • The client is among one of the largest independent Oil and Natural Gas exploration and production companies in India
  • Wet Gas Compressor Use - When a well stream has a high gas volume fraction and contains only small amounts of liquid, multiphase pumps operate as “wet gas compressors.” These well streams are often found in marginally economic fields where optimizing production and minimizing cost are critical targets.

Long Term Rust Protection Needed Due to Project Delay

  • The client Imported the Wet Gas Compressor from Japan two years before and is not in use because of the project delay and the cost of the equipment is around Rs.25 Cr.
  • Customer Wanted long term rust protection of the equipment with Zerust outdoor preservation products

Zerust Product(s) Used For Outdoor Preservation

  • Axxonal 33 2%
  • Spray-G
  • Activpak - LS 35
  • VCI Capsules - 2-2
  • VCI Fe film roll
  • VCI bubble film roll
  • XF film

Long Term Outdoor Preservation Process

  • All leak detection ports were eventually utilized for the slurry injection.
  • ER probe enclosures were installed for the four (4) ER probes located around the tank.
  • The project was completed per the time line established.