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Corrosion Protection for a Storage Tank on Concrete/Sand Foundation via Chime Ring IDS

Project Specifics

Installation Dates
March 27 - April 2022

Saudi Arabia

Environmental Conditions
34°C, ~34% humidity, sunny and dry

Asset Details Diameter: 40-m

Vessel Construction: Out-of-Service, Singe-Bottom, Concrete Foundation with 100mm Top Layer of Sand, New Ringwall, Liner, No anchor bolts, 8 Existing Ports

Inhibitor Delivery System (IDS)
Chime Ring and Underside Injection IDS with Corrosion Monitoring ER Probes

Zerust Product(s) Used
Zerion® FVS Corrosion Inhibiting Powder Zerion® FAN-6 Corrosion Inhibiting Powder


Project Specifics
The client wanted corrosion protection for an aboveground storage tank on sand/soil foundation with a ring wall, liner, eight ports, and no anchor bolts.

Zerust Solution
The engineers at Zerust® Oil & Gas developed custom solutions for this client and successfully installed an IDS sealant system around the chime area of the targeted asset and completed the injection of the corrosion inhibiting solution slurry on the tanks using Zerust’s Chime Ring Dry and Underside Injection IDS along with the installation of ER probes for IDS monitoring.

IDS Installation
Chime Ring IDS PVC pipes were installed circumferentially around the targeted vessel. Corrosion inhibitor sleeves were installed into the Chime Ring IDS PVC pipes, and the system was sealed in place with the noted sealant materials. ST-2 preparation was done for application of the sealant materials. Adhesion tests completed showcasing 95% cohesive fracture on annular were also done during application of the sealant materials. A corrosion inhibitor solution (composed of 1,800-gallons of water mixed with the provided number of pails of Zerion FVS and Zerion FAN-6) was injected into eight (8) pre-installed ports through the tank ring wall. A total of four (4) ER probes were installed at the locations as shown in the schematic in the following section. Initial readings and check values were recorded. No issues with installation to report. The project was completed on-time and per the approved SOW.