Zerion FVS



This versatile corrosion inhibiting product is widely used in applications where there are vapor spaces requiring the use of Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor (VCI) and also the possibility of water ingress that requires a strong Soluble Corrosion Inhibitor (SCI) to neutralize contaminants. Some of these applications include the following: aboveground storage tank (AST) soil side bottoms (SSB), long term preservation/mothballing of offshore structures, hydrostatic testing of complex vessels or systems, protection of voids and enclosures.

Recommended Product Applications / Guidelines

Aboveground Storage Tank Soil Side Bottoms

Zerion FVS has been used in multiple tank soil side bottom installations. FVS can be diluted with water and injected into sand/soil base or introduced as a powder during tank construction or bottom plate refurbishment. Even for tanks with concrete pad foundations, FVS in slurry form can be introduced into the spaces between the plates and the concrete to provide corrosion protection. Zerust has also pioneered a VCI Ring system using FVS if there is no liquid injection. This VCI Ring system is recommended for all SSB installations.

Pipe Casing and Pipeline Preservation

Zerust has developed a unique blend of corrosion inhibitors and gels that is injected into the annular pipe casing space. The Zerust corrosion inhibitors protect the carrier pipeline both in direct contact, using Soluble Corrosion Inhibitors and also through Vapor Corrosion Inhibitors that protect the entire annulus vapor space.

Protection of Voids / Enclosures

Zerion FVS VCI chemistry actively protects exposed steel from corrosion in large volume voids and enclosures. There are multiple delivery mechanisms and product packages that can be adapted to the geometry of the structure being protected. The corrosion protection can be provided by either an inhibitor solution or with inhibitor powder. When it is possible for the void to be hermetically sealed, a one-time introduction of FVS can provide protection for up to 2 years.

Hydrostatic Testing

Add Zerion FVS to hydrostatic testing water to provide excellent protection to exposed steel surfaces. In addition to the SCI protection, the VCI evolves to protect any air pockets or hidden voids. FVS is versatile and compatible with a variety of water profiles and works best with DI, RO or potable water with less than 150 ppm of chlorine.


Product Description

Zerion FVS is a versatile new corrosion inhibitor specifically designed to protect ferrous metals in aggressive corrosion environments where there is the possibility of the accumulation of water, moisture and/or water ingress.

Zerion FVS provides unique dual action corrosion protection making it the best in class in the market today.

Vapor Corrosion Inhibitors (VCIs) to protect the interiors of “air space” voids and exposed metal surfaces on welded joints, in crevices, at coating holidays, etc. Soluble Corrosion Inhibitors (SCIs) that mitigate corrosion from moisture accumulation or the ingress of water.

This combination penetrates gaps and interstices inside of enclosed voids to provide comprehensive coverage.


Physical Properties




Physical Properties

Product Storage

Keep only in original container. Store in a dry place. Store at room temperature. Store in a well ventilated place. Keep container tightly closed.

Part No.

  • Zerion FVS-S2 375-F-00204 Mesh Packet
  • Zerion FVS-S10 375-F-00200 Mesh Sleeve
  • Zerion FVS-S15 375-F-00202 Mesh Sleeve
  • Zerion FVS-B15 460-F-00001 Pail
  • Zerion FVS-B15 375-F-00001DR Drum
  • Zerion FVS-B15 375-F-00001TT Tote


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