Shorted casings, buried pipe and casing assemblies typically have trapped moisture, oxygen and other contaminants that can accelerate the corrosion process inside the casings. These contaminants may also enter through cracks or gaps in the end seals causing corrosion of the carrier pipe and the casing. Z-Gel creates a non-corrosive environment that will prevent the build up of moisture and contaminants leading to the acceleration of corrosion.

Recommended Product Applications

A non-conductive, oil based, thixotropic material designed to be injected into annular spaces of casings to create a non-corrosive environment that can be easily removed when needed.


Application Guidelines

Z-Gel provides long-term, 3-way protection:

  1. The volatile corrosion inhibitor (VCI) element of Z-Gel provides substan- tial protection in the voids of incompletely filled pipelines.

  2. The water-soluble CI component suspended in Z-Gel has a duel action of contact inhibition while in the gel phase as well as imparting anti-corro sive properties to any water contacting the gel phase.

  3. The third, oil-soluble CI component can migrate freely within the gel phase offering years of protection.


Product Description

Z-Gel is a mineral oil based gel whose high viscosity minimizes leakage through small holes and gaps of aged pipe casings and seals.

Z-Gel does not harden, is removeable following years of service, and is thermally stable remaining “grease-like” from 0°-100° C.


Physical Properties




Z-Gel is available in 55 gallon drums.


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