Rig Stacking Q&A Session with Industry Experts from Dron & Dickson and Zerust Oil & Gas


Rig Stacking Q&A Session with Industry Experts from Dron & Dickson and Zerust Oil & Gas


Phil Low, the European and Middle East Business Development Manager, from Zerust Oil & Gas, and Tom Irwin, Sales & Marketing Director, from Dron and Dickson, dive deep in this in-depth Rig Stacking Q&A Session about protecting valuable key assets, such as drilling units, during idleness. 


Questions Answered in this Q&A:

  1. What steps can drillers particularly take to protect their assets during this kind of period (COVID 19 pandemic)?
  2. What are the differences between cold stacking, warm stacking, and smart stacking?
  3. What are Vapor Corrosion Inhibitors (VCIs) and how do they work? (Test Kit Demonstration.)
  4. How long will VCIs last in a rig stacking scenario?
  5. What are the typical steps involved in protecting an asset during cold stacking and warm stacking?
  6. If an asset is completely shut down, is there a possibility of mold, bacteria, and corrosion getting in areas such as accommodation or temperature controlled stores?
  7. Are there any Health, Safety or Environmental (HSE) issues that we have to consider when using VCIs and VCI based products?
  8. What are the steps for re-activating a rig after it’s been stacked and protected for a period of time?


Rig Stacking Q&A Interview

“When it comes to corrosion management and asset preservation, for the best, we found Zerust was by far the world leader in terms of preservation products and solutions.”  – Tom Irwin, Sales & Marketing Director, from Dron & Dickson

For more information about rig stacking protection options, please visit this web page on Rig Stacking or Contact Us.


Dron & Dickson

Dron & Dickson are specialists in wholesalers. We work in the oil and gas sector amongst many other industrial areas and situated in four branches throughout the UK and in Abu Dhabi (UAE).



Zerust Oil & Gas

Zerust Oil & Gas is a division of Northern Technologies International Corporation (NTIC). NTIC is the world’s largest provider of  Vapor Corrosion Inhibitors (VCIs). It’s publicly listed on the American NASDAQ. Zerust Oil & Gas anti-corrosion products are also sold under the “Zerust” brand. Zerust has nearly 70 distributors and joint ventures located globally with larger clients including Chevron, BP, Exxon, Enbridge, SeaDrill, Ensco, Valaris, and Aker Solutions. NTIC is headquartered in Circle Pines, Minnesota, USA and the Zerust Oil & Gas division is located in Beachwood, Ohio, USA.