Surface Prep and Installation Techniques for Pipes with Zerust® Inhibitor Fusion (ZIF) Tape for CUI


Zerust® Inhibitor Fusion (ZIF) Tape for CUI | Surface Prep and Installation Techniques for Pipes


The Problem: Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI)

Insulation is used for thermal conservation (hot/cold), frost and personnel protection and for control of sound and condensation throughout the oil, gas and chemical industries. That same insulation has been known to cause corrosion problems with the underlying steel substrate. The problems are often referred to as Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI). The underlying mechanisms for CUI have been understood for decades and mitigation methods are well established, yet CUI continues to cost the industry millions annually.


The Solution: Zerust® Inhibitor Fusion (ZIF) Tape

Zerust® Inhibitor Fusion (ZIF) Tape

Zerust® Inhibitor Fusion (ZIF) Tape


Zerust Inhibitor Fusion Tape, or ZIF Tape, has been designed as an effective means to mitigate CUI. ZIF Tape is a corrosion inhibiting tape based on self-fusing silicone elastomers with proprietary Zerust corrosion inhibitors integrated into the polymer matrix. It combines Zerust’s proven corrosion protection technology with the unique properties of a self-fusing tape for easy, ambient temperature application.

  • ZIF Tape is very easy to apply. As an example, for a section of pipe, the insulation is removed and the ZIF Tape is spiral wound around the pipe under tension.
  • The ZIF Tape will fuse to itself creating an integral mass that is tightly clamped around the pipe. The insulation is then replaced.
  • ZIF Tape can be applied to either in service or out of service equipment.
  • The silicone tape matrix provides a barrier to moisture and contaminants reaching the metal surface.
  • The inhibitors within the ZIF Tape provide an additional layer of corrosion protection.
  • Some of the inhibitor will be in direct contact with the pipe surface from the outermost layer of the ZIF Tape.
  • Any moisture getting to the pipe surface will have to pass through the ZIF Tape polymer matrix where it will pick up and carry more corrosion inhibitor to the pipe surface.

Laboratory and field data have shown Zerust ZIF Tape is effective in mitigating CUI.

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Video of ZIF Tape Surface Preparation and Installation Techniques


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