The primary technology used in Zerust® products leverages “Vapor Corrosion Inhibitors” (VCIs) – these inhibitors provide non-permanent protection to metal parts without the need for coatings, oil/greases or expensive alloys. NTIC has been a world leader in the development and deployment of VCIs for over 30 years successfully serving clients in over 55 countries.

In simple terms, Zerust VCIs are infused into a stable base material – like polyethylene (plastic) sheets. When deployed, VCIs are released from the base/delivery material and a molecular layer of VCI is deposited on the surface of the metal to be protected.

Zerust VCIs act in one of the following ways – or a combination of these mechanisms depending on the application:

1. Barrier Film: Where the molecular layer prevents corrosive elements from reaching the metal. In some cases, this may also be in the form of a passivation film.

2. pH Altering: Where the VCI molecules alter the pH of the layer in contact with the metal and prevent corrosion

3. Scavenging: Where the VCI molecules react with the corrosive elements in the environment and convert them into neutral compounds


Our Zerust Oil & Gas technologies have been successfully implemented across refineries, oil rigs, and tank farms around the world. By combining our proprietary Zerust inhibitor formulations with some of the traditional corrosion mitigation methods in use today (cathodic protection, coatings, etc.), NTIC’s advanced technology yields several unique and innovative solutions that counter expensive corrosion problems.NTIC’s trained professionals will help you pick the right VCI solution for your corrosion need. For an overview of the various application areas and solutions for the Oil & Gas industry please visit the Products and Applications pages. Or, contact us for a more detailed discussion.

Zerust corrosion engineers go beyond VCI technology by offering a comprehensive system called Integrated Corrosion Technologies (“ICT”). ICT is our term for the various material and chemical sciences that comprise our Zerust/ Excor packaging product system including VCI (Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor) technology. More details can be found in our technology section.

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