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Innovative Solutions for the Oil, Gas and Process Chemical Industries

NTIC is a world leader in corrosion management with innovative solutions used for corrosion prevention specifically designed for the Oil & Gas industry. Several clients like Petrobras, EPPCO, FMC Technologies, PEMEX, Conoco Philips, Shell, Schlumberger, etc. use NTIC's Zerust® solutions for corrosion control on critical infrastructure and supplies. NTIC works closely with clients to select corrosion prevention or mitigation solutions appropriate for the operating environment and the service needs of the client.

Today NTIC is a trusted corrosion management services partner for several clients around the world. In addition to the delivery of corrosion control solutions, the NTIC Oil & Gas team also undertakes R&D projects to develop custom solutions for client specific problems.

Contact us to learn how Zerust can help you manage your corrosion problems.