• Corrosion on machined parts and on high value assemblies is very common
  • Manufacturers try to use greases, oil, coatings and packaging – but these approaches have largely been unsuccessful; and many of these approaches may not be feasible given the type of component and the intended usage/application of the part
  • Parts can corrode during storage, transportation and/or staging at client sites


  • Zerust has pioneered the use of Vapor Corrosion Inhibitors (VCIs) impregnated in packaging materials to protect parts from corrosion
  • VCIs emanate from the packaging and adsorb onto the surface of metals creating a mono-molecular layer that disrupts corrosion
  • Being a vapor, the inhibitors penetrate all the nooks and crevices of the equipment
  • Zerust has multipe types of VCI film based on client application requirements
  • When the integrity of the packaging is maintained, Zerust VCIs can protect metal parts for 10+ years
  • The VCI in Zerust film is FDA approved for food applications and is non-toxic and safe to use
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