• Destroyed internal surfaces and support structures of storage tank roofs above the product layer from oils that contain sulphur emitting corrosive vapors
  • Unsafe operating conditions and environmental problems caused by aggressive pitting and crevice corrosion that create holes in the tank tops
  • Internal tank coatings are ineffective in preventing dangerous pitting and crevice corrosion, especially in the spaces between the roof and support structures.
  • Stoppage of tank operations and necessitating periodic roof replacements impact petrochemical facilities causing capital losses and increased intangible costs.


NTIC has developed the Zerust® ReCAST-R solution to protect the interior surface of AST roofs, consisting of dispensers that deliver the proprietary inhibitor formulations into the vapor space between the surface of the product and tank roof. The Zerust inhibitor forms a protective layer that prevents corrosion in highly-aggressive environment (H2S, SO2, etc). Zerust ReCAST-R solution can be implemented to extend the service life of a single tank roof to 25 years and beyond. Each system is tailored to the client’s requirements, depending on specific environmental conditions, product stored, tank diameter, and can be applied on both new and existing roofs.


Product Applications

  • All metallic surfaces contacting vapor space within the tank roof can be protected.
  • Side wall sections of the tank above the level of the stored product and support structures.
  • Both new and old tanks. Even if corrosion has started, the solution, once deployed, inhibits further corrosion.
  • In operational tanks. The inhibitor does not contaminate the stored crude oil products.


To the right are photos of the Zerust ReCAST-R dispensers, installed atop a 25-meter diameter aboveground storage tank.

The Zerust ReCAST-R system has been successfully deployed in aggressive internal corrosion environments as illustrated by the key parameters below:



  • The Zerust ReCAST-R system can be installed & deployed in aggressive operational internally corrosion environments.
  • Dispensers attached to the tank roof deliver VCIs automatically into the tank vapor space forming a protective barrier layer.
  • The barrier layer isolates the corrosive environment from the metallic surfaces that contact the vapor space.
  • Protection for tank bottom plates and welds with little to no surface preparation. Innovative and cost effective.
  • Proven to be effective in the unique and unpredictable internal environment resulting from vast variations in the:
    • Properties of the stored product
    • Ambient temperature ranges
    • Temperature of the stored product
    • Method of construction & design of the tank
    • Tank operational parameters
  • Compatible with many additional systems that might be in place including: scrubbers, nitrogen blankets and vent systems