Keep items looking new and reduce your maintenance costs by using Zerust ICT520-XF Film to protect your car, motocycle, ATV or rifle from corrosion!

Zerust® ICT®520-XF Film offers superior corrosion protection for heavy, large, or irregularly shaped items. Zerust ICT520-XF Film can be made into any type of cover or incorporated (sewed or laminated) onto existing fabrics.

Examples of Zerust ICT520-XF Film products include automobile, motorcycle and machinery covers, golf bags, gun cases, pallet covers and more.


Custom orders only. Please contact a Customer Service Representative.

Protection Type:

Available in ferrous, non-ferrous or multimetal corrosion protection formulations.

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Protection Life

Zerust-Excor provides effective corrosion protection for clean metals for years when used correctly and utilized within three (3) years from receipt. Zerust-Excor product should be stored in original packaging away from direct sunlight in conditions below 85 deg. F (30 deg. C) and 50% RH until it is ready for use.