The Zerust Axxanol Spray-G provides a physical barrier between the metallic parts and the corrosive acids. The initial liquid nature of the spray allows it to spread and cover most of the exposed surfaces. A few hours after the initial application, the Spray-G becomes thick and will hold in place to protect the sump components. In combination with the Sump Saver liquid, the Spray-G will provide protection for up to 1 year.

The Sump Saver™ liquid acts by:
1. Neutralizing acidic species upon contact
2. Filling the sump space with Vapor Corrosion Inhibitors (VCIs) that neutralize contaminants in the hard to get areas that the liquids may not have covered.

Sump Saver is gradually consumed by the ongoing production of acidic species within the sump and is replenished with the monthly reapplication.

NOTE: In cases where the levels of vapor release within the sump are so great and the production of acetic acid is so prolific that corrosion attacks are successful despite the deployment of the Sump Saver solution, Zerust recommends that the components be checked and fixed or replaced if necessary to minimize the leaks that could cause such severe corrosion.

Problems caused by electrical equipment corrosion include resistivity changes and intermittent contact failures in critical alarm and control functions, added local heating and power loss in critical components, solderability issues for circuit boards, changing the calibration of analog meters and, ultimately the integrity of cabinets are compromised.


Zerust provides a starter kit for quick deployment and evaluation of the Sump Saver solution.
The Sump Saver Starter Kit includes the following:

1x Hand operated sprayer for Spray-G

1x Hand operated sprayer for Sump Saver

1x 32oz bottle of Spray-G; enough for 3-4 sumps
6x 16oz bottles of the Sump Saver; enough for 1 sump for 6 months

Once a sump has been inspected and cleaned, the kit allows gas station owners and/or maintenance crews to apply the solution and evaluate the efficacy over a 6 month period. The kit comes with detailed handlinapplication and disposal instructions and can be used even by untrained personnel.


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