For protection of pipe lengths, Zerust has effective and economical protection options using Vapor Corrosion Inhibitors or VCIs. During transportation or when pipe lengths are staged along the pipeline construction route, sachets of Zerust Vapor Corrosion Inhibitors or VCI, are inserted into the pipe length and the ends are sealed. The sachets also contain Soluble Corrosion Inhibitors, or SCI, that protect from the water that may form from condensation because of thermocycling.

The area on the pipe at the very end where the coating has been removed is called the “cut back”. It is imperative to protect the cutback area and the bare beveled area at the pipe ends where the weld joint is made. Zerust’s Inhibitor Fusion Tape, also known as ZIF Tape, can be used over the external cut-back area for protection.

VCIs have a vapor pressure higher than air and VCI molecules release from the sachet and fill the pipe; adsorbing onto bare metal surfaces of even the most complex geometries to provide protection against corrosion. The length and diameter of the pipe segment will determine the number of VCI sachets that will need to be used to provide corrosion protection.

The VCI sachets are secured by a string to the end cap and can be pulled out automatically when the pipe segment is ready to use. Corrosion can affect pipe lengths in the pre-construction phase. Using this simple application, pipe lengths can be protected from internal corrosion for a period of several months or even years.

There are several cost-effective options for protecting these pipes during the pre-construction and pre-commissioning phases using VCIs.

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