The practice of closing facilities over a long time or storing equipment and tools that are still in working order is called mothballing. Equipment and facilities that are not used often may be subject to mothballing. During mothballing, systems are put in hibernation and momentarily shut down.



Various Zerust® Products are used in combination for Mothballing and Long Term Protection and Maintenance of spares and redundant machinery to ensure they are in a prime state and ready for operation whenever they
are needed.

Zerust ICT® 520-XF Film is developed for Mothballing and Long Term Storage applications.

Zerust ICT® 520-XF Film is an innovative corrosion inhibiting material, that is twice as strong as any standard polyethylene material of the same thickness. Zerust ICT® 520-XF Film is also lightweight, tear resistant and impermeable to water.

Zerust over the years has developed a patented process of Double Layer Protection System which is used in Mothballing equipment for periods longer than 10 years. These systems are being used by several Military Units all over the world for protecting Critical Armaments and Weapon Systems.

Product Applications

With a wide range of rust removers, protective oils/greases, non-contact vapor diffusing capsules, auto-fogging capsules, corrosion inhibiting packaging products and on-site technical support the Zerust suite is your one-stop destination for all your equipment preservation and mothballing needs.


Zerust® solutions have been used for facility and equipment mothballing for over 50 years. Zerust is the world leader in the application of vapor corrosion inhibitors (VCIs) for long term, temporary, protection from corrosion. With satisfied clients in over 55 countries the Zerust team can help you with all your rig stacking/lay up/mothballing needs.

  • Fast-acting corrosion protection
  • Easy-to-use, with no need for additional mechanical fogging equipment
  • Quick/simple installation and removal with minimal training
  • Inexpensive solution for aggressive environments
  • Highly effective and unique