Flange, valve and welded-joint corrosion costs clients millions annually!

  • Complex geometry of flanges prevents effective surface preparation and coating
  • Frozen nuts and bolts
  • Weakened weld joints
  • Loss of containment

Maintenance costs and downtime are time consuming and expensive!

  • Downtime required for dismantling corroded flange assemblies for inspections, equipment removal, flangeblinding, etc.
  • Hot work repair of severely corroded flanges adds to downtime and costs.
  • Labor and equipment repairs and logistics can be costly, especially for offshore facilities.
  • Unscheduled stoppages due to corrosion-related leaks.


  • Maintenance time is significantly reduced
  • Maintenance costs can be more than halved
  • Flange Savers are quick and easy to install and replace
  • No electrical devices or heating equipment are required
  • No special training or certification is required to install
  • Effective life of 1-2 years before replacement (depending on client requirements)
  • Available in colors to match process pipelines
  • Resistant to UV and harsh climatic conditions
  • Assertively formulate seamless synergy
  • Individual client results may vary

Product Information

Zerust Flange Savers are specially designed modules that have been impregnated with proprietary Zerust inhibitor formulations that provide superlative corrosion protection for flanges, valves, and welded joints. Zerust Flange Savers are available in various sizes to accommodate different pipe diameters, pressure ratings and international standards for pipeline valves and flanges. Zerust vapor corrosion inhibiting (VCI) products have successfully protected metal substrates across numerous industries for over 30 years. Crevice corrosion and weakened welds can lead to product leakage, while frozen fasteners will require time consuming maintenance. Corrosion can also change the tensioning of bolts/fasteners thereby causing gaskets to come loose and/or fail. Zerust Flange Savers can mitigate all these problems in a single application.


Product Applications

Pipe-to-Pipe (PTP) flanges used to connect lengths of pipe and Pipe-Valve-Flange (PVP) couplings are ideal candidates for Flange Savers. Product transmission (oil, gas, fire water, etc.) pipelines in aggressive industrial environments (H2S pitting, SO2 pitting, etc.) and harsh operating conditions would benefit greatly from using Zerust Flange Savers. Offshore oil platforms, refineries, process chemical facilities, and water treatment plants have thousands of flanges and commonly face this costly problem.