• Corrosion on the machined surfaes and on turbine blades is very common during long term storage of high value turbines.
  • Clients try to use greases, oil, coatings and packaging – butr these approaches have largely been unsuccessful; and many of theses approaches may not be feasible given the type of component and the intended usage/application of the part.
  • Turbine components can corrode during storage, transportation and/or staging at client sites.
  • Such corrosion can lead to the following:
  • Rejection of the part for use​
  • Significant downtime while the turbine is being fixed or replaced
  • Costs for rework to fix the corrosion damage
  • Potential liabilities related to turbine delivery delays or failures in operation
  • Potential write off of high value turbine components


  • Zerust’s Axxaclean™ rust removers are powerful solutions for the rework and recovery of metals.
  • Zerust offers a range of technologies, from pH neutral products to more aggressive products that also inhibit flash corrosion on cleaned surfaces.
  • There is no need for mechanical abrasion to remove the rust.
  • Zerust rust removers can be used as a dip, spray or brush on application.
  • The liquid chemistries penetrate majority of the surfaces to remove rust in areas where mechanical cleaning is not practical.
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