Tank Floor Replacement Alternatives

Costly Tank Floor Replacements

October 7, 2019



What are the Cost Factors for Replacing a Tank Floor? There are many factors that should be considered for obtaining the true cost of a tank floor replacement that is likely caused by corrosion. Below is a comprehensive list of factors to account for when determining if the price it takes to protect your assets […]

6 Traveling Tips & Essentials for Field Engineers, Contractors, and Project Managers

September 23, 2019


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As Field Engineers, Contractors, and Project Managers, our travels aren’t typically luxurious and the project sites can sometimes be in the middle of nowhere during the hottest, rainiest, or coldest times of the year. The onsite work days can be long and labor intensive and traveling to and from the site location can be just […]

Corrosion Control Systems for Various Tank Foundation Designs

May 31, 2019


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Corrosion control systems used for the underside steel plates of above-ground storage tanks (ASTs) may not provide adequate protection in certain situations. Specifically, severe corrosion of the chime area may lead to unplanned outages and could impact the tank’s structural integrity near the critical weld between shell plates and chime/floor plates. Some design and construction […]

How to Determine Whether VCIs, CP, or Both Should be Used to Protect ASTs from Corrosion

March 19, 2019


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Soil Side Bottom (SSB) corrosion of aboveground storage tanks (ASTs) is a major cause of tank bottom failures and a constant problem for tank owners in the oil and gas industry. The use of Vapor Corrosion Inhibitors (VCIs) and Cathodic Protection (CP) are common practices for protecting ASTs from corrosion. Below I will briefly review […]

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