Project Management by Zerust Oil and Gas for Corrosion Mitigation Plans

How Zerust Utilizes Project Management Skills in the Field

Project Management Isn’t Just for Project Managers: How Zerust Utilizes Project Management Skills in the Field


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What is Project Management?

Project management encompasses the use of a variety of tools to accomplish an end goal. These tools often include things such as time management, resource allocation and process evaluation. A careful balance of the critical components of any project is essential for successful implementation.


Project Management Isn’t Just for Project Managers

At Zerust, we strive to ensure that each of our field engineers is well trained in important project management techniques and skills so that we can follow the implementation of a project from start to finish with the knowledge that it was executed to the highest degree possible. This article will look at how we extend the project management knowledge base to the actual installation of one of our custom-designed corrosion mitigation solutions.


    How Zerust Utilizes Project Management Skills in the Field

    Preparation for a project is often the most tedious and time-consuming part of the project development stage. Project planning tools used by our field technicians include, but are not limited to, scope understanding and development work, process planning and improvement analysis. Project improvements are an ongoing endeavor for our team, as we attempt to meet client requirements and exceed expectations with our system designs and overall implementations.

    It is crucial that our team understands what is expected from the client with regards to equipment preservation prior to development of the corrosion mitigation solution. Using time management and the understanding of project deliverables, our team will put together a work package that provides a corrosion mitigation solution custom-tailored to the specified job. This work package will include consideration of time restraints (as applicable) for installation of the solution.


    Project Management Extends Beyond the Project Managers at Zerust Oil & GasPipe Casing

    Lastly, resource allocation is balanced throughout the execution of multiple deliverables and ongoing projects. Factors such as the size of the asset, the size of the project and the degree of difficulty for project implementation are considered during the allotment of project resources. Stakeholder engagement during this planning stage is often critical for proper execution of the deliverables.

    Project management extends beyond the project managers at Zerust Oil & Gas. Our field technicians work together with the management team to execute each and every project to the highest degree of workmanship possible.


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