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Zerust Oil & Gas Corrosion Mitigation Solutions

Zerust Oil & Gas Corrosion Mitigation Solutions

Corrosion Mitigation Solutions for Asset Protection in the Oil & Gas Industry & More




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Zerust® Oil & Gas, a division of Northern Technologies International Corporation (NTIC), is the world’s leading supplier of vapor corrosion inhibitor (VCI) based solutions. Based in Circle Pines, Minnesota, with sales and technical support to reach more than 70 countries, they have over 50 years of experience with products and solutions that reduce steel corrosion in multiple industries.


VCIs are proven to effectively protect corrosion-prone areas of aboveground storage tank (AST) floors and roofs. In most cases, VCIs can be applied to reduce corrosion and extend the service life of in-service and out-of-service storage tanks.

Zerust traditional products focus on the preservation of materials and equipment for storage, shipping, mothballing, and many other applications.

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OUR  TECHNOLOGYVapor Corrosion Inhibitors

Vapor Corrosion Inhibitors (VCIs) and Soluble Corrosion Inhibitors (SCIs). Zerust Oil & Gas is a world leader in protecting bare metals from corrosion using VCIs and SCIs. VCIs and SCIs can be used to protect metal parts from corrosion without the need for greases or painting. Zerust VCIs and SCIs have been effectively and safely used to protect valuable parts and equipment. To view animations for how this works, visit Our Technology page.

Zerust Zerion FVS is a highly cost-effective corrosion mitigation solution for difficult to protect spaces. Some key applications include: Soil side bottoms of aboveground storage tank, tank pontoons, protection of voids/enclosures, large equipment preservation, pipeline layup, pipeline casing protection, hydrostatic testing, offshore risers, long-term preservation/mothballing & more.

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Tank SolutionsStorage Tank Corrosion Solutions

Zerust Oil & Gas solutions provide a cost-effective means to mitigate underside corrosion of aboveground storage tanks while the tanks are in or out of service.

Common Zerust Product(s) Used: Zerion FVS, VCI, Zerion FAN 5 and 6, Roof Leg Socks, and ReCast-R.


Pipeline PreservationZerust Oil & Gas pipeline preservation solutions

Vapor Corrosion Inhibitors (VCIs) have proven to be a cost-effective alternative to the traditional dry and N2 purge technique. VCIs can preserve the line from corrosion for many years.

Common Zerust Product(s) Used: Zerion FVS, Zerion PGH-300, Zerion PGH-400, Zerion FAN 5 and 6, VCI, and Zerust® Inhibitor Fusion (ZIF) Tape.


Pipe Casing ProtectionPipe casing corrosion protection by Zerust Oil & Gas

Zerust has developed a unique blend of corrosion inhibitors and gels that is injected into the annular pipe casing space. The Zerust corrosion inhibitors protect the carrier pipeline both in direct contact, using Soluble Corrosion Inhibitors (SCIs) and also through Vapor Corrosion Inhibitors (VCIs) that protect the entire annulus vapor space.

Common Zerust Product(s) Used: Zerion FVS, Zerion PGH-300, Zerion PGH-400, VCI, and Zerust® Inhibitor Fusion (ZIF) Tape.



Offshore Rigs / Platforms / FPSOsOffshore Corrosion Solutions

Zerust Oil & Gas has numerous solutions for the offshore market.

Common Zerust Product(s) Used: Flange Saver®, Zerust® Inhibitor Fusion (ZIF) Tape, Zerust® ICT® Vapor Capsules, Zerion® AutoFog® A, Zerust ICT FilmAxxanol Spray-G, Zerust® Axxanol™ Z-Maxx Series, Zerust Axxaclean™, and more.


Equipment PreservationEquipment Preservation

Various Zerust® Products are used in combination for Mothballing and Long Term Protection and Maintenance of spares and redundant machinery to ensure they are in a prime state and ready for operation whenever they are needed.

Common Zerust Product(s) Used: Zerust ICT Film


Spare Parts Protection

Spare Parts Protection

With a wide range of rust removers, protective oils/greases, non-contact vapor diffusing capsules, auto-fogging capsules, corrosion inhibiting packaging products and on-site technical support the Zerust suite is your one-stop destination for all your equipment preservation and mothballing needs.

Common Zerust Product(s) Used: Oils / Greases




The staff at Zerust Oil & Gas are here to custom design a corrosion mitigation solution that is specific to your given asset. Contact us today to find out how we can help extend the life of your equipment.

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