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6 Traveling Tips & Essentials for Field Engineers, Contractors, and Project Managers


As Field Engineers, Contractors, and Project Managers, our travels aren’t typically luxurious and the project sites can sometimes be in the middle of nowhere during the hottest, rainiest, or coldest times of the year. The onsite work days can be long and labor intensive and traveling to and from the site location can be just as rigorous.

Since I’ve been with Zerust Oil & Gas, I’ve been to about 20 different countries and I’ve been to India alone 8 separate times. I spend about 40% of the year out on the road and about 4 months out of the country. As someone who travels extensively for work all over the country, I have put together a list of some of my top traveling essentials for making my work trips better.

  1. Noise Canceling Headphones
  2. a. Why? Traveling can be noisy. From the never-ending shuffle in the airport to the hum of the airplanes and cars as you travel to and fro, the last thing you want to be without is a great pair of noise canceling headphones.
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  3. Plastic Bags for Keeping Clothes Clean & Dry
  4. a. Why? Some parts of the world are prone to having torrential rain storms. I wrap all clothes, shoes, and valuables into plastic bags. Some vendors supply bags as large as 4-ft x 4-ft. The larger bags allow you to fit almost all of your items into one bag. Then you can seal it and fit that bag into your luggage. Now you can rest assured that your packed items will arrive dry.
    b. Large plastic bags are great for separating your clean clothes from your worn clothes and also keeping your shoes separate from your other packed items.

  5. Waterproof Duffle Bag with Backpack Straps
  6. a. Patagonia makes a 100% waterproof bag with backpack straps. This is a duffle style bag, which allows you to stuff as much as you can into it. If you plan on doing some backpacking, or if you’re heading to a country where you might need to make a run for it, this is an ideal bag. I’m sure there are other types of bags that are similar, this one is just the one I use for myself.
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  7. Rehydration Packets
  8. a. Dehydration can hit you when you least expect it. If you have to work on projects in the Near or Middle East, where temperatures are often between 40-50 degrees Celsius, it’s possible to drink 4 liters of water a day and still find yourself dehydrated. Mix a rehydration packet into a liter of water and you’ll find your thirst quenched, muscles loosened, and your mind cleared.
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  9. RFID Protective Passport Wallet
  10. a. This is an absolute necessity. Before getting this wallet, my credit card had been stolen at least once every six months. If you’re traveling with a family, or carry multiple passports, they make larger wallets with a zipper.
    b. You can find these all over, but here’s a link to some from a reputable vendor. >>>

  11. Power Bank
  12. a. You would think that taking an intercontinental flight would guarantee an electrical outlet for your seat? Well, think again if you’re flying British Airways. Many of their 747 and 777 aircraft requires a British Airways unique power adapter, which at one point in time they would sell to you, but is no longer available. Many other airlines have switched to smaller aircraft to make international flights, and these won’t even have power supplies in the business class seats. For your laptop, make sure it is fully charged. For your phones and tablets, keep a large power bank that can support multiple recharges.
    b. It’s not hard to find a vendor that sells a power bank, but here’s a list of power banks from a reliable source. >>>

I hope this list helps you and your team in your future travels and if you have any questions I would be happy if you reached out to me at

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